External 56K (V.90) High Speed Voice/Fax Modem

TRENDnet's TFM-560X is the latest in communication innovation. The TFM-560X is V.90 and K56flex ultra fast 56Kbps voice/fax modem that provides users with the highest possible data communication rates, reliable error-free transmissions, and widespread interoperability with other users. The TFM-560X also supports Group 3 fax send-and-receive functions. Free communication software and serial cable are included with the TFM-560X for quick and easy startup. TRENDnet's TFM-560X is also compatible with all communication software and capable of utilizing the Hayes 'AT'-command set.


V.90 56Kbps data download
Supports V.17, V.29, and V.27ter Group 3 fax protocol
Supports auto diagnostic
Group 3 fax protocol / RS-232 interface
Automatic detection for speed
Voice encoding and decoding/TAM functions
Telephony answering machine with full-duplex speakerphone
High speed 56Kbps data and 14.4Kbps fax communication
Industry standard protocol for data compression and error correction
Free Communication Software
5-year warranty


V.34+, V.32bis, V.23, V.22bis, V.22, V.21 ITU-T Data Transmit
Fax Protocol:
V.17, V.29, and V.27ter Group 3 fax protocol
Fax Command Set:
Class 1 (TIA-578)
Error Control:
V.42LAP-M MNP Class 2-4
Data Compression:
V.42bis (4:1) MNP Class 5 (2:1)
Flow Control:
Hardware RTS/CTS, Software XON/XOFF
Software Control:
Industry Standard AT command set, Hayes compatible
Automatic power-on, self-test, local analog loopback, local digital loop-back, and remote digital loopback 2
Voice Functions:
Voice encoding/decoding, telephony answering machine, and full-duplex speakerphones



User Friendly: Easy installation and startup can be accomplished!
Speed: The TFM-560 is capable of V.90 56,000bps download speed.
Versatility: Provides fax capability and voice communication.
Affordability: TRENDnet's TFM-560X completes voice, data, and fax set of standards.

Network Solution for TFM-560R